SIM Cards London

An image showing the SIM Cards London website on desktop and mobile views.


Mobile Responsive Design, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

"SIM Cards London" operate self-service kiosks that are located in London. They are a product of Tubular Systems Ltd whom design and develop stylish self-service kiosks. I used the Bootstrap framework, HTML and CSS to develop the website and I still maintain and update the site. One of the key important features was ensuring that the website worked well on mobile sites, with the SIM card being a mobile product the site needed to be optimised for the phone screen to assist new and current customers.


I created these wireframes using Adobe Photoshop. It was important to create a design that translated well for mobile handheld devices and desktop.

A wireframe image showing the basic design of the SIM Cards London website in desktop and mobile views..

Graphic Design

I also created the logos, leaflets, posters and managed the social media channels. It was also difficult to photograph the Tubular Kiosks so I created 3D models and was able to instantly apply these to any mock-up designs and also show the kiosk as a stand-alone unit on the websites.

Three sample images showing some images I produced for the website.


I also went on site to the locations in Shoreditch and Oxford Circus to take photographs for the website, merchandising and social media channels.

Photographs that I took in London of the self-service kiosks in situ.


I used the popular front-end framework called Bootstrap to make the website responsive for desktop and mobile screen sizes. I created this website with HTML and CSS. When the final version of the website was finished I uploaded the site and organised the domain name. The site also offers live-chat support ran by a third-party, including Google analytics page tracking and monitoring.


This website is using the latest modern web technologies built from scratch for modern screen sizes across mobile, tablet and desktop. The site gives "SIM Cards London" a store front to the world. Customers will instantly be able to tell that their kiosks are simple and offer a reliable service.