Tubular Systems Ltd

An image showing the SIM Cards London website on desktop and mobile views.


"Tubular Systems Ltd" operate and manufacture self-service kiosks that are located in England, Turkey and Asia. The self-service kiosks developed include SIM/Gift card dispensing and a contactless or debit/credit card fundraising system.


During the development stages for the self-service kiosks, I assisted in creating 3D mock-ups of the Tubular kiosks to assist with the engineering and manufacturing of the final product. I also designed the signage that appears on the lightbox and designed the UI and UX of the touchscreen panel.

A collection of Tubular SIM Card Kiosks. A collection of Tubular Charity Kiosks.

Graphic Design

I also created the company logos, branding, social media channels, trade-show banners and any other form of artwork medium that was needed.

Three sample images showing some images I produced for the website.


I also went on site to the locations in Shoreditch and Oxford Circus to take photographs for the website, merchandising and social media channels.

Photographs that I took in London of the self-service kiosks in situ.


Mobile Responsive Design, Wordpress

Tubular Systems Ltd's website uses the CMS Wordpress. This website uses an existing created theme which I have used to create and style this site. I have also managed and maintained every area of this website.


I have helped Tubular Systems Ltd from marketing, product design, website design, and website development. I have assisted with branding and social media management including the customer support available through the live-chat on the website.